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Thanks to its excellent capacity to penetrate thelayers of skin, Exfoliating Gel with Glycolic Acid30% is used as an optimal exfoliant.It stimulates the upper epidermal layer to eliminatedead epithelial cells, weakening the bonding capacityof lipids, cause of thickening of the skin and ofthe formation of wrinkles.APPLICATIONAfter thoroughly cleansing the skin, apply ExfoliatingGel onto the affected zone, massaging lightlyand leaving it on for a few minutes. Wipe off with acotton ball. Rinse delicately with lukewarm water.RESULTS✔ Increases endogenic hydration.✔ Lightens skin discolourations.✔ Stimulates the regeneration of the epithelial,improving cell turnover.✔ Works against wrinkles and aging, increasing thesynthesis of collagen and elastin.✔ Helps to cure acne, removing the so-called “cheratinplug” that obstructs the pores.✔ Improves scar tissue, exfoliating the corneouslayer of skin.

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