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Cellulite is caused by an alteration in the structure of connectivetissue which gives a spongey and bumpy appearance to the skin(cottage cheese look) with accompanying puffiness which ismore or less visible. It is associated with circulatory problems,determined by:- Micro lesions in the vascular walls, with the loss of liquids intothe intercellular spaces.- Isolation of fat cells.- Interruption of metabolic exchanges.It is opportune to intervene with Anti-Cellulite Massage Creamwith Drainage Action from the Carlomagno cosmetic line whichenhances tissue drainage and reinforces capillary walls, thanks toits composition of the following plant extracts:− Teofiline, which through the process of lipolysis, liberates fattytissue from its imprisonment by collagen, breaks it up and eliminatesit.− Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut extract) works onblood vessels (normalizing their permeability) and on the liquidsthat collect in the tissues (the cause of edema, swelling andcellulite) enhancing the draining effect.- Ginkgo Biloba and Asian Centella which improve peripherycirculation.- Mirtillo (Blueberry) which is particularly indicated in the treatmentof fragile capillaries.APPLICATIONUse Anti-Cellulite Massage Cream with Drainage Action after BodyScrub Cream which helps the active ingredients to penetrate moredeeply. Apply every morning on the affected area for a 2-monthperiod. Apply with a brief massage which stimulates circulation.To facilitate correct blood flow, the massage begins from the calvestoward the gluteal muscle, from the wrists to the underarms, fromthe breastbone to the inguinal area.RESULTS✔ Anti-Cellulite Massage Cream with Drainage Action is thewinning answer to slimming and remodelling the body’ssilhouette.✔ Promotes toxin drainage in the subcutaneous tissue.✔ Restores elasticity to the fibres of collagen and elastin whichwrap around fat tissue.

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