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Nature provides indispensable and precious substances tohelp us achieve beauty, substances such as the coffee beanfor example, a natural element that contains essentially caffeineand purine alkaloids whose lipolytic and thermogenicproperties are used in the treatment of cellulite and adiposedeposits (fat).Anti-Cellulite Cream with Liporeductyl of the Carlomagno lineof beauty products is a fast-acting modelling treatment of highfunctionality, characterized by an elevated concentration ofthe following plant extracts:- Caffeine which stimulates the basal metabolism rate andfurnishes a reducing and detoxificating action.- Carnitine which accelerates the process of dehydration, reducingfat tissue and improving the “cottage cheese” appearanceof the skin.- Escina, an extract from Ippocastano (Horse Chestnut) whichhas the capacity to impede edema: the accumulation of liquidsand protein of low metabolic weight.- Asian Centella which enhances the reabsorption of stagnantliquids and gives tonicity and elasticity to connective tissue.- Ginkgo Biloba which stimulates blood circulationAPPLICATIONIn the evening spread a small quantity of the product on thespecific areas with circular movements. To optimize the effectsof the treatment it is reccomended to apply Body Scrub Creamfirst. Recommended course of treatment is 4 weeks.RESULTSAnti-Cellulite Cream with Liporeductyl works intensively andtargets the stomach, the gluteals and hips, redesigning estheticallythese areas. Moreover, it facilitates the elimination ofaccumulated fat and delineates the contours of the body.

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