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The top layer of skin is the epidermis, composed of different layers ofcells that reproduce continuously to substitute those that die or aresloughed off. When the epidermis is in a healthy state, the skin is soft,luminous and smooth. The internal layer of skin is called the dermiswhose function is the oxidation of the epidermis. Collagen and elastinare present in the dermis as is protein which gives the skin its resistenceand elasticity, its colour and plumpness. Under the dermis we finda layer of fatty tissue called the hypodermis which has the function ofisolating the skin, giving it a mobility that contrasts with the deeperskin structure, and supplies it with lipids. With the passage of time,the quantity of fatty tissue that composes the hypodermis diminishes,weakening the support to the upper layers of the skin and causing therelaxation of the cutis.Body Firming and Stretch Mark Cream Carlomagno provides thefollowing protocol:1. peeling of glycolic acid 30%2. stretch mark cream which bases its effectiveness on these activeingredients:− Asian Centella, which acts by increasing the biosynthesis ofcollagen and elastin that form the framework of the skin.− Ceramides, by means of their cementing action between cells ofthe corneous layer, improve the cohesion and compactness ofthe most superior level of the epidermis.− Nano Regen Plus (phytosterols of soya) which acts with an effectsimilar to the female hormones, gives plumpness and firmnessto the skin.− Beta Glucan, which is a potent activator of the cutaneousimmune system (includes macrofag cells as well as neutrophils)performs an interesting cyto-stimulating role.− Aesculus Hippocastanus (Horse Chestnut extract) which protectscapillary action.− Skin Save®, which is responsible for the normalizing of theinflammatory process, the origin of stretch marks.APPLICATIONApply Body Firming and Stretch Mark Cream daily using gentle massageuntil the cream is thoroughly absorbed. Recommended courseof treatment is 8 weeks. During and after pregnancy: apply every day,morning and evening.RESULTS✔ Stimulates new collagen and elastin that give plumpness and firmnessto the cutis.✔ Reinforces the support structure of the skin.✔ Redefines the body giving it a well defined profile.✔ Gives the silhouette a more tonic form and gives the skin asmoother look.✔ Reduces the size of stretch marks, improving the difference in thicknessand diminishing the area between the actual stretch markand the surrounding skin.✔ Prevents stretch marks that originate from alterations in the elasticsubcutaneous tissue.Recommended to be used during and after pregnancy.

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